We are creative!
And this is our finest tool.

We are creative! And this is our finest tool. We seek, analyze, study, sketch, deliberate and share ideas until we find new creative formulas that stand out for their originality, are ingenious and surprising and that respond to the values and goals of the brand.

At Canana.studio we know what we are doing and we offer solutions to your communicative needs. We look for original, fresh and cutting-edge creativity that defuses the topics and stands out for its authenticity. Besides being creative by nature, we are also good at:

Branding defines the essence and nature of a company: corporate identity, values, relationship with clients and consumers, the tone with which they communicate, express themselves…, everything that helps to highlight your brand, seduce your customers and make a distinction from the rest.

At Canana.studio we work on branding by building the identity of the company from start to finish: we make a diagnosis of the brand, analyze the communication and branding, detect opportunities and suggest improvements to build the personality of your brand in order to obtain visibility and reputation, increasing its value and its competitiveness so that you can achieve your business goals.

Naming is the creative process in which a name for a brand, product or concept is created. At Canana, not only the development but also the criteria that we follow is very diverse and responds to the different communicative and market needs. The naming of a brand, then, is fundamental, since it is the name by which it will be remembered and, therefore, it must transmit unmistakable values:

  • It must have personality without the possibility of being confused with the competition.
  • It should not be something that could go out of date or fashion
  • It must be memorable and easy to pronounce in many languages. The more, the better.
  • It must be unmistakable and vibrant.
  • It must have rhythm, sound and be musical.
  • It must have positive connotations that connect with your brand commitment.
  • It must be freely available on the Internet and on social networks.

At Canana.studio we offer the possibility of naming everything related to your company, product or service, based on your communicative needs and market objectives.

In the creative process of a corporate image we find: 1) the design of logos, formed solely by the name of the brand and its typographic design, and 2) the symbol, which accompanies the logo, and both form the complete corporate image . Therefore, the corporate image (popularly known as the logo) is the face of your brand and has to transmit values and unequivocal assets and forthwith: the brand feeling. Therefore, the logo must be:

  • Memorable: it must be remembered and quickly identified.
  • Conceptual and consistent with the promise of value of the product or service it represents.
  • Timeless: designed to survive changing trends.
  • Visual: it has to stand out from the competition and attract attention.

At Canana.studio we know how to find the essence of your company, convert it and synthesize it visually and conceptually into a logo that, at first glance, will transmit the main values of your brand.

Corporate identity manuals set guidelines and rules for all graphic elements that make up the corporate image of a company or brand. They allow you to correctly apply the logo, corporate colors, typographies, the web, posters, brochures, catalogs, envelopes, stickers, shopping bags, presentations, business cards, exterior and interior signage, newsletters (newsletters and business magazines), electronic signature, commercial vehicles … The corporate identity manuals consolidate the correct use and application of the corporate image for everyone who uses it.

At Canana.studio we study, analyze, create, develop and take care of every aspect of your corporate identity meticulously so that the graphic concept and its perception are particular and consistent with each other and embodies all of the communicative elements that your brand needs.

Packaging, packing, product redesign

The product image and its packaging (presentation) are created in a strategic way to ensure maximum funcionality at the point of sale and to guarantee that your product is the one chosen by the customer to take home, therefore, it has to draw attention and must be thought about and designed to sell. To achieve this, we need to plan what the packaging says about the product and also how to say it. In accordance with the strategic positioning of the brand, each container and each product label must guarantee satisfaction and convey emotion and benefits to its consumers.

At Canana.studio we create content that suggests benefits and emotions, we convert concepts into visual messages and look for ways and designs that embrace the product. Quite simply, let your product stand out for its qualities and be both attractive and evocative!

Exterior and interior signage, exhibition design, signage, trade fair booths …

We create your brand or retail branding project by designing it and adapting it to the characteristics of the different spaces, always maintaining and enhancing the corporate essence and attributes as well as brand values: commercial chains, catering and restaurants, design of premises and thematic spaces, showrooms or exhibition halls, stands and fairs, ephemeral spaces, shops …

At Canana.studio we take care of everything from  creativity and design to the production and installation of all the elements that any space requires.

Frequently we have to  explain and support the whys and wherefores of  a product or service: define its values and characteristics, demonstrate why it is the best compared to the competition, detail benefits, stir up emotions …

In Canana.studio, based on a brief, a script, an idea or relevant information about your brand, we create and generate content to then explain a unique story, storytelling or an attractive brand story, that connects with the emotions of your customers and transmits the strengths of the brand. We can also edit, translate and add voice-overs, too.