We live in an unprecedented,
intertwined jungle of information.

We have been plunged into a  technological age that has given us the standardization and the proliferation of design and communication tools, which has allowed everyone to have their say. We are constantly being bombarded with branding and visual information, in an age where everybody seeks to be seen, read and heard… What chaos!

All creativity conveys messages, values, concepts, sensations … and needs a plan, a strategic brand positioning and a communicative tactic that connects and communicates everything  they need to know directly with the people and clients who need it.

At Canana.studio we design and elaborate a communication strategy offline and online (traditional and online) for your brand, from the initial concept to the complete execution: providing a creative, direct and agile vision that serves to achieve the marketing goals of the brand.

When we work on  strategic brand positioning, we study the brand; we analyze the trajectory; We detect the differential traits and highlight them; we observe its market and its positioning compared to the competition; we detect weak points and discard what is not useful.

At Canana.studio we work on the strategic brand positioning by identifying and defining the attributes of the brand, the benefits for the customer, the brand territory, the differential value and the brand feeling, and finally we define the tone of the communication and we create all the verbal and visual messages needed to communicate with the public. If your brand conveys all its values, it will be well positioned!

Bad solutions and corporate applications may end up blurring the identity and communication of a brand. A good brand communication plan will preserve your corporate identity and  character throughout all campaigns (press announcements, communication in social networks, digital marketing, point of sale communication, fairs, etc.) and will always use the same communicative voice and verbal and visual discourse, making it easily recognisable as well as being well-positioned and consolidated as a brand.

At Canana.studio we develop brand communication plans that fit perfectly into your marketing plan or your communication needs.

Do you need to corner a market, launch a new product, increase sales or customer loyalty or improve brand reputation? Behind each one of these needs there must be a strategy and a unique and personalized communication plan to achieve the objectives set.

At Canana.studio we create and develop your global communication strategy (traditional and online campaigns) with a specific plan that includes details of all channels, the tools, the components, the design and the creativity proposals. In addition, we maintain the consistency you need to optimize your results and make them adjust to your brand positioning, your plan or your marketing goals.

An advertising campaign pursues interest, seduces, convinces, transforms and sells, and is based on the objectives and marketing plan of the company and the benefits that customers will acquire when purchasing said product or service.

At Canana.studio we carry out comprehensive advertising campaigns, taking into account what motivates the consumer. Thus, we develop  the creative and communicative strategy to do so: we analyze the products and services, we identify strong points and condense them in a key message that the campaign must articulate, we define the promise of value, and we propose a unique creative concept which is consistent and in accordance with the values of your brand.