We are Canana (formerly esgràfig), a studio devoted to creativity, design and communication.

This year we are celebrating 17 years of professionalism, experience, service, punctuality, effectiveness, commitment and seriousness, and for these reasons we have decided to compensate ourselves with: a renovated studio, a new corporate image and a new name ( naming for the experts ;-)), Canana.studio! What do you think?

Life progresses and evolves, and so do we! We have renovated  ourselves because we want to improve, advance, open up to the world, be more agile, adaptable, digital, sustainable … and much more. Trust in us and we’ll prove it to you!

We are a multidifaceted team of professionals, specialized in creativity, design, web programming, photography, content creation, editing and video animation (2D and 3D) who work together to offer a total communication service with creative solutions that connect with the target audience and communicate the message you want to convey to the world.

At Canana.studio we create, connect and communicate!

Why canana?



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c. Camp vell 10 baixos
43830 Torredembarra